Nordea Seaport Office

Nordea Seaport Office

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Tensor XYZ – in this complex of 3 buildings (and a few others nearby) placed at Łużycka street in Gdynia, IT Division in Nordea Bank AB Polish Branch plans to employ programmers who are going to work on the maintenance and development of platforms and IT systems belonging to Nordea Group. The Seaport Office is the first out of 12 floors which we realized for Nordea Bank SA.



Due to the planed growth, the desirability of the workplace, was made by Nordea one of the strategic elements of employer branding. The task we were given was to create the best office in the Tri-City.

The work on the project was preceded by a three-month study of the nature of the work and the space strategy creation. During the research, we conducted observations of space utilization, interviews with managers, several surveys and workshops with current employees, which allowed us to refine the simultaneously developed concept of space. Our analysis has shown that 87% of the population is characterized by high levels of internal and external co-operation. For IT employees programmers, the ability to focus is also one of the key elements.



The biggest challenge of this project was designing workplace for those who were to be employed. We had to look far into the future and create a versatile and functional office for agile teams, with the ability to rearrange spaces for people of a different work nature.



Out of the three design concepts we have proposed, the company management chose the project we called „Seaport Office” inspired by local motifs. Colorful cargo containers waiting for unloading, rusty ship structures, large sliding shipyard hall doors – these were the motifs we wanted to use in the new Nordea IT office.



All of the various zones in the office were clearly divided. Depending on the nature of the work and the needs of the team,space can be easily divided for regular sized teams (up to 12 people) using sliding doors.



Several smaller focus or video conference rooms are assigned to each team, with the possibility of using them for general communication. There are also two larger, quite unusual conference rooms for 12-20 persons. The first one takes the form of grandstands and the other one has a C-shaped bar, where you can sit either low or high.



In addition, mindfulness zones have been designed, where soft furniture, balls and gym ladders are located. The narrative nature of the zones is not just a design. It mainly serves to better direct employees in the space.

This is the main function of the shipyard elements, such as containers, export and import meeting rooms, bow and stern of the ship. We intuitively say „let’s meet at the stern” or „we went for a coffee to the kitchen on the bow”. Such narrative aesthetics allow us to avoid the artificial room naming.



The exceptional design goes together with quality and optimized approach to the arrangement of each square meter of the space. Based on NASA research, we implemented best plant spiecies on every floor to improve air quality and work comfort.



The Workplace team was responsible for carrying out work environment studies, creating the architectural concept, executive design and supervision over project implementation.

Nordea Seaport Office in Tensor XYZ in numbers:

  • Area – 9780 sqm
  • Number of floors –
  • Number of employees – 680
  • Project realization time – 12 months 

Project team:

Bogusz Parzyszek, CEO | Founder

Dominika Zielińska, Head of Architecture | Managing Partner

Paweł Kołodziej, Project Manager

Marzena Bednarczyk, Senior Architect

Katarzyna Gajewska, Architect | Research analyst

Agnieszka Ulatowska, Senior Architect

Agata Smolich, Senior Architect

Kaja Abdank-Gruca, Change Manager

Damian Bieniek, Anna Rzeźnik, Kasper Skirgajłło-Krajewski, space branding & wayfinding