Bird & Bird Office

Bird & Bird Office

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Bird & Bird, branch of worldwide law company that value elegance and simplicity, wanted us to design their new workspace, where besides building the trust and image of the company, we emphasize openness and individual approach to customers, but also employees and their needs. 


This project required careful use of details, so that the space would express the formality of the legal industry, and thus would make the employees feel comfortable inside. The main goal was to create two types of zones – first dedicated for clients and second for employees. The reception area is the showcase of the office and welcomes the guests with an aesthetic arrangement. The combination of varnished wood with stone and a classic form of furniture is associated with elegance and reflects the professionalism of the company. The global character of the company expresses a delicate spacebranding in the form of a map of the world. The classic work zones – functional and comfortable with more neutral finishing and magenta highlights like ad-hoc furniture of floor covering are located next to the transparent focus, private rooms. Apart from these rooms providing confidentiality and acoustic comfort there are few other meeting rooms. The kitchen along with the dining room is a social space, where you will find a common bench table and a blackboard wall. The entire project was implemented in the standard of the building.


Bird & Bird in numbers:

  • Area: 1000 sqm
  • Employees: 50
  • Floors: 1
  • Localization: Warszawa, ul. Ks. Skorupki
  • Work character: lawyers

Project team:

Bogusz Parzyszek, CEO | Founder

Dominika Zielińska, Head of Architecture | Managing Partner

Marzena Bednarczyk, Architect