Office jungle | Skanska HQ

Office jungle | Skanska HQ


536 plants in 100 square meters! In the Warsaw’s Skanska Office you can find a real jungle. After the implementation of the greenest fffice for Nordea, once again we created an extremely green zone in the corporate environment. And this time there are even more plants!  


Skanska created a common space for employees in its new headquarters in Poland. The company wanted it to be possible to meet in a large group for a town hall meeting or to work in silence. In Skanska’s origin, the creation of sustainable work environments is the main objective, so it was to be assumed that the project brief would reflect that. The space was supposed to emanate the character of Skanska, Scandinavian openness and attitudes towards human-centered approach.



Common idea with Skanska named “Green Amphitheater, naturally!” was developed with active participation of employees. ​Our idea was to create the biosphere in the office, which allows you to feel like one is in nature. Everyone likes to sit in the park sometimes. We wanted to achieve such an effect and the feelings associated with it in this space. We selected Florabo, as the only suitable partner as they have more green blood in their veins than anyone else. And of course a lot of knowledge on the influence of the greenery in the workplace interior.

Bogusz Parzyszek from Workplace and Halina Kamińska from Florabo were brainstorming about the space, and decided that greenery should “spill out” from the space into the corridor by hanging from the ceiling. In the nature, greenery reaches in search of water and light. In Skanska, greenery enters the space of communication to connect and relax people.



How many plants you can find in the space?

  • 120 plants hanging from the ceiling
  • 396 individual plants in the green wall
  • 20 plants in the movable pots with wheels


The interior has been enhanced with the Skanska neon, which emerges from the green wall. It energetically underlines the vibe of space and the spirit of the Swedish company. Workplace also made sure that the room had better acoustics by placing sound absorbing material on one of the walls upon which you can also rest. The space is also equipped with comfortable mobile furniture and pillows. Magdalena Mirosz and Magdalena Gumieniak from Skanska have greatly contributed to the project with development, promotion of the idea among the employees, and finally making things happen. Thank you!