uPacjenta – where precision dances with fearlessness

uPacjenta – where precision dances with fearlessness

09.06.2023 / You hear: “start-up,” you think: “unconventional office.” But what if the start-up is in the medical industry, needs to inspire confidence and receive visitors in a subdued office space? When designing the space for the uPatient team, we combined start-up looseness with professionalism worthy of global diagnostic standards.

The starting point was clear: the adaptation of about 200 sqm of space for the startup uPacjenta in its new headquarters in Warsaw. The client had a space pre-divided into offices – and that’s no place to house a start-up! The new office had to support with its arrangement the workshop way of working of a young team of a dozen people.

Sensual, precise and engaging

The founders of uPacjenta, Dominik Swadźba and Konrad Kargol, needed a space that was modern and inspired confidence in their business partners. Operating in the medical industry, they couldn’t afford to be pigeonholed as an unpredictable garage start-up! The office space had to make things clear: we are a young player, but we approach our work professionally.

In the entrance area, we designed a space that clearly communicates: here’s a solid company, with precise plans for the future. The business card of the office became the reception desk, next to which guests on comfortable chairs and seats are waiting to meet with representatives of the company.

Interactive improvisation

In addition, Dominik and Konrad wanted to organize a space that would foster the spirit of creativity and cooperation within the team. They wanted a place where every employee would feel comfortable and which would support them in their daily work. The stagnant walls of the offices had to disappear!

A site visit convinced us that this was a great idea: the building is located away from tall buildings, so natural light comes in a wide stream. In the most attractive part of the office – by the corner windows – a common space was created. The result is a bright and warm interior that supports creative work and team spirit.

Tango with nature

To emphasize the natural qualities of the space and the amount of light in the new uPacjenta headquarters, we relied on natural materials in the interior. Light wood furniture and wall panels further warm the space.

As Workplace, we create the greenest offices in Poland. In this way, the new headquarters refers to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

What do founders say about us?

“The office space was designed with attention to every detail, and with the functionality and comfort of our employees in mind. Our office has become an inspiring place, friendly to employees and conducive to their creativity. The final result exceeded our expectations!

From the beginning of our cooperation, the Workplace.pl team demonstrated professionalism, creativity and a great understanding of our needs. Thanks to great communication, the whole process went smoothly and on schedule. We confidently recommend the services of Workplace.pl architectural office to other companies looking for professionals in the field of office space design.”

Dominik Swadźba, Konrad Kargol, founders of uPacjenta


A Kraków-based start-up that allows you to order blood tests with a drive to your home or office. It offers more than 700 types of laboratory examinations and tests, including those for COVID-19, as well as online consultation of results.

The uPatient service allows the patient to select the tests he or she is interested in, set the exact date and time and indicate the address, as well as the specific specialist who will perform the intake. The system itself reminds the patient of the appointment, and the test results are available online.



Management: Dominika Zielińska, Bogusz Parzyszek

Project team: Malgorzata Romanowicz, Aleksandra Czarnecka

Photos: Adam Grzesik

Text: Marta Smyrska, Grażyna Zawada



Size: 220 sqm

Duration of process: 4 months (2022)

Location: Warsaw, 100 Jutrzenki St.